For Stilling, Emptying and Silencing the Mind (A-Manas-ka) Leading to a Rebirth and Rejuvenation of one’s Consciousness

A ten-day International Retreat, held at the Sacred Foothills of the Himalayas,  a Spiritual Power Centre for Spiritual Transformation in India.

The Brahma Yajna will Culminate in a Spiritual Pilgrimage to the Ancient Cities of Varanasi  and Ayodhya.

Welcome to the First Step of a New Life.

The Human Condition

In today’s fast-paced world, the relentless pursuit of material wealth, fame,  and status has overshadowed a fundamental connection with our deeper self,  leaving us feeling distraught, lost, and bereft of any real joy.

A healthy sense of self allows us to enjoy life with balance, optimism, and zest,  while the very same self can also wreak havoc, destroy relationships, and cause  damage to loved ones – a sorrow so miserable that we then take extra effort

to ‘show the world’ how much we are in control of our life, when, in reality, we  desperately clutch onto almost anything that gives us momentary gratification,  momentary security, momentary happiness.

This process is habitual until we reach utter frustration and fatigue from being  stuck in the very rut that we have systematically and unconsciously created.

Can we go on like this? Is this all there is to life? When does our nagging pain come  to an end?

Who is this Retreat for?

It is for everyone, but we will start with you, dear seeker!

Today, more than ever before, the paradoxical nature of success takes us to heights, but only to  show us a mirror where our reflection betrays the emptiness in our life and the sorrow in our heart.  This experience can be terrifying as it is the naked truth of what lies within us, covered and layered  under falsities. This condition applies to all of mankind… This is the human condition that is not  spoken about.

For those who are seasoned spiritual seekers, there may be occasional joy in the depth of  conversation contextualized through the frameworks of religion, esoteric teachers, and sacred  texts. However, it is only when you have already detached yourself from mainstream materialism  that you can easily grasp the reality of the self, Awareness, and the mystery of the

Unmanifest Divine. Incidentally, these are the central pillars of Amanaska Yoga.

The retreat welcomes all interested individuals or spiritual novices to gently yet bravely embrace  a new path of sadhana (spiritual discipline of enquiry and understanding) that would open wholly  new lines of thinking, feeling, and thus, decisively enable them to take the required action to  improve the quality of their inner life and their world. A beginner’s steps towards building your  inner life need not disturb the social structures around you, as everything unfolds according to a  Divine plan.

So, worry not! Whoever you are, in whichever part of the world you are, and whatever be your  age or profession, it simply does not matter.


The Importance of Daily Sadhana

Following the retreat, one might experience a sense of feeling displaced, as it may take a few days  to settle back into a daily routine.

After returning home, it is suggested that every attendee start a minimal daily practice or sadhana  (spiritual discipline or reading and contemplation) and also yoga and pranayama. Spiritual discipline  goes a long way towards silencing the self. This is a life long commitment and requires consistency  to experience change.

Maintaining a simple lifestyle with a regulated diet, ample exercise for the body and effortless  watching of the self in all relationships will help create a strong rootedness, balance, stability of  emotions and will sustain the powerful inner inspiration gathered during the retreat.

Those seeking to delve deeper may engage in further reading (patana), contemplation  (Atma vichara, manana), discussions with peers and mentors (samalochana) and meditation  (nidhi-dhyasana).


Amanaska at Home, at Work and in Life

You may consider the Amanaska Brahma Yajna as an initiation into a new life. However, to be able  to abide in the state of equanimity, each seeker must diligently continue as they steadily sink into  deeper states of self-Knowing and Inward-flowering

As we awaken to ‘reality’, as we awaken to sorrow, our new life will unfold, even without our  knowing it:

  • Fearlessness: A beautiful transition from a life dominated by fear to one filled with courage and joy
  • Harmonious Relationships: With the ending of conflict, there will be a spontaneous kindling of
  • empathy, compassion and love in all relationships
  • Emotional Stability: When the self is calmed and silenced, one will not be swayed by sensory
  • gratifications or disappointments
  • Creative Action: With the cessation of the nuisance of the self, life becomes a matter of joy, creativity, and inspiration in every part of daily actions
  • Aloneness vs. Loneliness: Our erstwhile loneliness passes into a profound sense of peaceful aloneness
  • Inner Wellness: A transition happens from confusion, loneliness, depression, self loathing, restlessness to palpable inner peace and wellness